Pueblo Makers

Jane Fraser, [email protected]

Retired professor of engineering, prob/stat and quality control expert, I sew, I convene Pueblo Makes. See Engineered by Jane on Facebook. I blog at janemfraser.com. I'll help your kids with math.

Zach Collier (Zamicol) Zamicol.com

I'm a software developer, open source fan, Internet admirer, cryptocurrency enthusiast, landlord, violinist, runner, and I like making things. I'm the moderator of /r/pueblo and creator of /r/celiac. I can help install Ubuntu on your old computer.

Drew Hirshon

Principal at PSAS Fulton Heights and National Faculty with PBLWorks. He is passionate about creating authentic learning opportunities for students through project based learning, design thinking, and making.

Sharon Rice

I am the Makerspace Librarian for Pueblo City-County Library District. I work at the Rawlings library makerspace, centrally located in Mesa Junction. When not in a pandemic, we offer maker classes, 3D printing services, simple laser engraving, vinyl cutters, Adobe Creative Suite, and much more. During the pandemic, our services are extremely limited, but I still am offering at least 8 virtual classes per month that are available to the public free of charge. Visit pueblolibrary.org to learn more, or reach out to me with any maker related questions at [email protected] The great thing about being a librarian is that I might not have all the answers but I bet I can help you find them.

Cathy Valenzuela

Owner of Tuxedo Ranch, proud to feature Pueblo artists in our offering of custom gifts, awards, commemoratives. I'm a glass artist, struggling gardener, hopeful tap dancer. Find us at tuxedoranch.com. Happy to feature your work or brand your business.

Lois Pfost

I am a retired dietitian. I started woodturning in 2007, joining the Pueblo Woodturners Club, and have been an active member as well as a member of the National Association. I sell a few items and donate to charity raffles, but mostly I enjoy creating new pieces.